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The Darkening System with Young Birds

The Darkening System with Young Birds

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Product Code: DVD0019
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This DVD presents all the components of this successful young birds racing program that utilizes the darkening system - a system that is widely used throughout Europe and the United States.
To say that this system is successful would be an understatement. The results achieved by fliers using these methods are unparalleled. Quite simply a DVD that will teach both the new and the experienced fancier a new road to success.

Topics covered in the DVD:
* Timetables for darkening loft
* How to hold the molt through the race season
* Motivating the racers
* Complete feeding program
* Medication and vitamin schedule
* Training system
* Loft design
* Taking the birds through the molt after the race season
* Preparing the birds for the breeding season
* Advice on how to get all of your breeders to lay within a couple of days


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