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Röhnfried - Zucht + Mauser – Mineral Röhnfried - Zucht + Mauser – Mineral

Zucht- & Mauser Mineral is a pure, natural product containing oregano and herbs such as e. g. fenugreek, Aloe, sage, thyme, and cinchona bark. The amino acid methionine and all essential minerals and trace elements are also present to meet the special needs of breeding and moulting pigeons. The preparation promotes the correct shell formation and improves the bone formation in just hatched pigeons. The vital substances and valuable herbs stimulate the digestion and the metabolism.

Feeding Recommendations: For 75 racing pigeons put 1 measuring cup daily (approximately 140 g) in a trough or on the feeding table; you may also feed small amounts inside the loft cubicle. Adjust the amount to the demand of the pigeon by providing only as much as the pigeon eats in the course of a day.

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Jovati Mineral / Grit Mixture 22lb Bag USPS Flate Rate Jovati Mineral / Grit Mixture 22lb Bag USPS Flate Rate

This grit is just phenomenal. Guaranteed - your birds will go crazy over it. AND seeing how this mineral helps improve your birds overall health is mind boggling.

Your birds will crave this mineral grit once they have tried it and the best part is you'll notice an improvement in their condition:

Hens lay a smoother and even larger egg

Hatchability rates increase

Feathers become softer

Use this mineral grit mixture during the race season. What you will notice the birds will stay in condition longer, the birds become more buoyant. It's the perfect supplement to add to your existing race program. Use it all week during racing. Use in a grit bowl or use it as a treat in a smaller gallipot. You can also mix it with the feed. Also excellent for the breeders.

This grit mixture is the best we have seen in all of the US and Europe. Ingredients: seaweed grits, silex, calcium, oyster shells, stomach grits, loam, minerals, trace elements, breeding seeds, carrots, CU, FE, Zn, Mn, Do, L, Sc, Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, D3 and E.

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