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Annual Breeders Book Annual Breeders Book

2022 Edition Now Available!!!
New to Vita King!!
The Annual Breeders Book. Keep track of stock birds, breedings, youngsters, race records, one loft racing, etc.
This is a must have for serious breeders. Easy record keeping all in one booklet.
Book size is 5.5" x 8.5" Adequate for writing without running out of space.

Our Price: $6.95
The Janssen Brothers Book The Janssen Brothers Book

The complete history of the greatest pigeon fanciers of all time, the Janssen Bros. Arendonk.

A wonderful look back into some history of this great sport. The classic look by fancier and journalist, Ad Schaerlaeckens. A second reprint in its unaltered format.

The story of three Janssen Brothers of Arendonk Belgium with backgrounds on their birds - the Janssen strain that has molded the sport into what it is today.

Written in English. Complete with photos and pedigrees.

256 pages.

Section of fanciers successful with the Janssen strain. Dr. Linssen, Hans Eijerkamp, Staf Van Reet, Noel de Scheemaecher and Jos Klak.

Our Price: $35.00
The Darkening System with Young Birds The Darkening System with Young Birds

This DVD presents all the components of this successful young birds racing program that utilizes the darkening system - a system that is widely used throughout Europe and the United States.
To say that this system is successful would be an understatement. The results achieved by fliers using these methods are unparalleled. Quite simply a DVD that will teach both the new and the experienced fancier a new road to success.

Topics covered in the DVD:
* Timetables for darkening loft
* How to hold the molt through the race season
* Motivating the racers
* Complete feeding program
* Medication and vitamin schedule
* Training system
* Loft design
* Taking the birds through the molt after the race season
* Preparing the birds for the breeding season
* Advice on how to get all of your breeders to lay within a couple of days

Our Price: $75.00
Old Bird Racing Old Bird Racing

A three hour DVD on old bird racing which explains a system that has produced highly successful race results - a system that will raise the level of old bird racing to a higher dimension. You will watch the preparation of the team and learn how to bring the birds into top condition and health and how to reach the highest level of motivation in the birds. Learn what to look for in selecting your race team for races. The DVD also shows the newest vitamins used to achieve super form as well as the proper use of medications.

Also covered are:
* How to bring the birds into top condition and health
* Motivating the racers
* Selecting the team for the race
* Proper use of medications and vitamins
* Training schedule
* Tips on a healthy and sound loft
The DVD shows and explains everything - health, training, feed, motivation and medication. It will teach both the new and the experienced fancier the techniques needed to reach the top of the race sheets.

Our Price: $75.00