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Gambakozoid-RO Gambakozoid-RO

Gambakokzid RO - 25 gram packet is a combination preparation for treatment of trichomoniasis (Canker) and coccidiosis for racing pigeons.

Dosage Instructions:
Dosage: 2 gr powder per 1 liter of drinking water over a period of 6 days.
1 tsp is equal to 4 grams (4 grams will treat 1/2 gallon, 8 grams will treat 1 gallon)
Gambakokzid RO does not have any known negative side-effects.

Sold per packet. Please determine prior to ordering how many packets you will need based on the amount of water you will go through in a 6 day period.

Our Price: $12.00

As we know for a long time, the pigeon-oriented in their home region even after the sense of smell. It is therefore important that the pigeons will be sent with free airways to the races. Rozitol cleans the nose and promotes the segregation of fixed mucus. Old mucus and dust is being liquefied and then swallowed by the pigeons or remotely via cotton swab.

Application: 1 to 2 drops per nostril or 30 drop per liter of water.

Breeding Pigeon: 14 days prior to pairing

Racing pigeons:

14 days before the first free flight

14 days before the training races

3-4 times per season 6 days before important races

Youngsters: always after recovering of the Young Bird Sickness. 14 days before the first training

Our Price: $18.00
Röhnfried - Energie Oil Röhnfried - Energie Oil

Energy oil is a natural energy supplement from a mixture of complementary, high-quality, cold-pressed oils. The fish oil content provides unsaturated fatty acids and the lecithin ensures smooth lipo metabolism. The rice germ oil content promotes muscle development.
During racing 1–2 times per week mix 5 ml = 1 capsule with 1 kg of grain feed.
250 ml

Our Price: $19.00
Röhnfried - Oregano Schaffett Röhnfried - Oregano Schaffett

Oregano-Schaffett consists to 45 % of sheep fat and also contains oregano oil and linseed oil. This composition ensures the maximal energy supply for competitive flights, training, breeding, the raising of squabs, and moulting. The oregano oil improves the digestive process and linseed oil provides unsaturated fatty acids. Oregano-Schaffett is also well suited for the absorption of powders.
1-2 Tablespoons of Oregano-Schaffett are stirred into 1 kg of grain feed until the oil is evenly distributed. The sheep fat may be briefly warmed up to facilitate this process. The oil coated grain is then ready as feed.

Storage: Store at room temperature and protect from light exposure! Use within 12 weeks of opening! Cool storage increases the shelf life.
600 grams

Our Price: $19.00
Röhnfried Elektrolyt Röhnfried Elektrolyt

Elektrolyt 3Plus is an excellent combination of electrolytes which provides by loss of moisture for a rapid normalization of body fluid. Elektrolyt 3Plus should be given in principle by great effort. It is water soluble and is administered in drinking water during moulting and breeding, as well as after the competition flights to compensate the electrolyte loss. Electrolyte 3Plus supports a balanced water budget and shortens significantly the recovery period. Contained magnesium and potassium are important for muscle and heart function.
1 scoop (10 g) per 1 liter of water
600 grams

Our Price: $22.00
Röhnfried Mumm Röhnfried Mumm

Mumm is an easy to digest and water soluble tonic that provides energy and replenishes glycogen reserves. Because it contains various carbohydrates, Mumm is able to provide energy before the flight and quickly replenish glycogen stores after the flight. Mumm also contains various vitamins, potassium and magnesium, which ensures straight forward muscle regeneration after the flight.
Mumm should be administered with drinking water throughout the racing season.
Before flying, for two days, 2 scoops (10 g) per 1 liter of water. Only clean water on the day of basketing.
400 grams

Our Price: $23.50
Röhnfried Avidress Plus Röhnfried Avidress Plus

Avidress Plus contains short-chain acids that lower the pH value of the drinking water to such an extent that the risk of infection is also lowered. It also contains minerals, trace elements, herbal extracts. This mix together with the acids makes the metabolism more efficient. Pigeons looked after this way are simply healthier.
Serve daily throughout the year during the racing season, breeding season, moulting season and rest period 10 ml (1 dispenser) per 2 liters of water. The use of other drugs at the same time only after consulting a veterinarian.

1000 ml

Our Price: $24.00
Röhnfried - Oxyzell Röhnfried - Oxyzell

Oxyzell is a liquid herbal yeast that contains many vitamins, minerals, and trace elements and valuable herbs.
It increases the shape of the pigeons, improves the rearing results, and promotes the development of a healthy immune system in young pigeons.
Recommended use: 1 tablespoon per 750 g of diet

500 ml

Our Price: $24.00
Röhnfried - Vitalo Top Röhnfried - Vitalo Top

Röhnfried VitaloTop is an optimised plant extract mixture (10%) used as a targeted supplement to the diet of pigeons. Pigeons cannot taste hot and spicy flavours, so we make use of this in VitaloTop, for example to promote digestive enzymes or establish the natural balance of the intestinal flora. VitaloTop is therefore ideally suited for immunodepressive stress phases, for example to provide support during and after YPDS.

5 ml in 1 litre drinking water for 2-3 times per week.

Shake well before use!

Note: The product contains chilli. Avoid contact with the eyes and other mucous membranes. Keep the product away from children. Due to the higher content of vitamin A to complete feed, this supplementary feed may be fed up to a maximum of 5 % of the total ration per day.

Our Price: $32.00
Sale Price: $26.00
Savings: $6.00
Röhnfried Taubengold Röhnfried Taubengold

Due to the high content of the sulphur-containing amino acid methionine and choline, Taubengold promotes a first-class plumage. It also contains calcium, which is important for moulting, and trace elements.
Moulting and rearing period: 20 ml per 1 liter of water, 3-4 times a week.
1000 ml

Our Price: $27.50
Röhnfried Avibac Stablizer Röhnfried Avibac Stablizer

Avibac Stabilizer is a product that builds a stable and useful climate in the loft, creating a healthy microflora. It is applied to all surfaces, it is a biological product, efficient to use and long-lasting, which makes other forms of disinfection unnecessary. Cleaning with this preparation is recommended for thorough cleaning of the loft from more serious dirt before the breeding and racing season or before weaning the young, and during diseases and infections.
Dilute the required amount of preparation: 1 part Avibac Stabilizer and 2 parts warm water. Shake the product before use. Gently spray the loft surface with the prepared solution.

Caution!!! After dilution, the product is usable for no longer than 5 days.
1000 ml

Our Price: $34.50
Sale Price: $28.50
Savings: $6.00

Wurm T Tabs are indicated for treatment against roundworm, hairworm and tapeworm infestations in racing pigeons. They are easy to give and effective in treatment of worm infections.
1 tablet per pigeon, 1 tablet more after 3 weeks. Do not treat the pigeons during moult.

Our Price: $30.00
RÖHNFRIED - Moorgold RÖHNFRIED - Moorgold

Moorgold is a pure concentrate of healing mud. The humic acids contained in the intestine bind harmful substances and thus promote the natural discharge from the body. The new formula also contains special fibers, causing firm droppings after two to three feedings with Moorgold and the digestion is affected positively. The new formula of Moorgold is gel-like, which makes it particularly user-friendly and efficient.
During the moulting, resting or breeding in the preparation. As required 2-3 times per week 1 tablespoon per 1 kg
feed. To bind we recommend Jungtierpulver, Entrobac or Kräuter-Mix.

Our Price: $30.00
Rohnfried  Gamba -Tabs R Rohnfried Gamba -Tabs R

Gamba-Tabs R are for the treatment and prevention of Trichomoniasis and intestinal Coccidiosis. Gamba-Tabs R are also for the treatment and prevention of trichomoniasis which cause mucosal inflammation in the crop of pigeons.

For animal treatment only. Keep out of reach of children. This product is not to use in animals intended for human consumption.

Our Price: $30.00
Röhnfried - AviPharm Röhnfried - AviPharm

An active metabolism is indispensable for the rapid regeneration and strengthening of competitions. An optimal moulting and vigorous growth of young pigeons are crucial for the sport of pigeon racing. Breeders specifically use Avipharm for an additional supply after races and to meet the increased demand after antibiotic treatment and periodically during the breeding, rearing and moulting.
It should be administered daily during the moulting and hatching period, during the rearing of young and after competition flights and antibiotic treatments to strengthen the body - 20 ml (4 caps) Avipharm per 1 liter of water.
1000 ml

Our Price: $31.50
Röhnfried BT Amin Forte Röhnfried BT Amin Forte

Bt-Amin forte contains high doses of amino acids, electrolytes and B-vitamins in a defined composition. The essential amino acids are readily available and are thus during medication treatments and in the racing season an optimal relief. The numerous high-dose B-vitamins are essential for blood formation and nerve tonic during the season.
Dosage: 15 ml per 1 liter of water

- on the day of the flight, during the second watering
- daily with antibiotic treatments
- during moulting 3 times a week
Keep tightly closed and in a cool place!
Protect from light.
1000 ml

Our Price: $32.00
Röhnfried Carni Speed Röhnfried Carni Speed

The main ingredient of Carni-Speed is L-carnitine. This substance, which is similar to a vitamin, plays a central role in the metabolism of pigeons. With a dosage of 10 ml/ litre drinking water the pigeons receive the required amount of L-carnitine, which science has shown to improve their performance. The magnesium and selenium contained in it also serve as muscle protection. The pigeons are much more willing to train and their endurance is increased.

Our Price: $32.00
Röhnfried - Blitzform 100ml Röhnfried - Blitzform 100ml

To improve performance and disinfect trough water. High-performance pigeons cannot just be given grain feed and water. The pigeons will be in top form with Blitzform! The pigeons will return home 5 to 10 minutes earlier! Because they will be in top form with Blitzform by Röhnfried. Blitzform will ensure that racing pigeons are in top form and therefore fly faster. The health of the racing pigeons is significantly improved as a result of the easily absorbable iodine and iron and their body’s defences and their vitality also improves.
Blitzform gives the pigeons a clean throat, shiny eyes, snow-white noses, shiny plumage and a pink breast with small stains. The organic iron contained in it facilitates the production of red blood cells, which transport oxygen in the blood.
Dosage :

In order to improve the body's efficiency during the racing season: Daily 5 ml per 2-3 liters of clean water (2 ml / 1 l of water).
On hot days, the amount of water should be increased to 5 liters. Only clean water should be given on the day of basketing!

Breeding period and moulting period:
5 ml per 5 l of clean water (1 ml / 1 l of water) 1-2 times a week.

For the disinfection of drinking water during other periods of the year:
once a week 5 ml per 5 l of clean water (1 ml / 1 l of water)
100 ml

Our Price: $32.00
Röhnfried - Sedochol Röhnfried - Sedochol

Sedochol is a mixture of the sulfuric amino acid methionine, as well as sorbitol and choline. Methionine is found in large amounts in feathers and ensures trouble-free moulting. Choline and sorbitol, involved in the metabolism of proteins and fats, actively protect the liver and accelerate regeneration after competition flights. Sedochol also supports digestive processes.
Recommended use: After exercise, during the breeding season and during the moulting period, 10 ml per 1 liter of water or 750 g of feed. The aqueous solution should be refreshed daily.
1000 ml

Our Price: $34.00
Röhnfried - Hexenbier Röhnfried - Hexenbier

Hexenbier is a vitality drink made of onions, honey, propolis, Echinacea (cone flower), elderberry juice, beardlichen (Usnea barbata), and garlic, which strengthens the resilience and causes exceptional eagerness to fly After several days of giving Hexenbier the breast meat of the pigeons turns pink, the nose-wattle turns white, and the down feathers moult extensively.
20 ml per 1 liter of drinking water
During Racing Season: Monday & Tuesday
During breeding/moulting season: 2 times per week

Refrigerate after opening.

Our Price: $34.00
Röhnfried Immunobooster Röhnfried Immunobooster

Immunbooster stimulates the attention and reaction time of the immune system and thus the health of the pigeons from the inside. For the first time, we use functional trace elements such as copper and zinc in the Immunbooster, which are extremely suitable for the pigeons and round off the recipe of this innovation with a mycotoxin binder (Aflatoxin B1). As in the Jungtierpulver, the immunbooster contains prebiotic components, alliin, and colostrum to support the pigeons in stress phases.
10g per 20 pigeons per day over the food
Before stress phases such as exhibitions or the training start: 3-5 days
Before the flight: 3 days
Breeding: 2 times a week
Moulting: 2 times a week
Young flights: 4 times a week
Young bird sickness: daily
Before vaccinations: 7 days before vaccination
1 heaped measuring spoon are 10 g.

Our Price: $42.00
RÖHNFRIED - Optibreed RÖHNFRIED - Optibreed

OptiBreed contains a complex of active ingredients that improves protein synthesis. This boosts the growth of the young animals. Other components stabilise the intestinal tract for a stronger immune system. Its high vitamin E content increases the pigeon’s libido and prevents deficiencies.
Feeding Recommendation: Add 40 g (approx. 1 Tbs) to 1 kg (2 lbs) of Feed. Stir everything well for 30 seconds until all the grains are moistened

Stir well before use

Our Price: $50.00