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Extra Needles Extra Needles

Extra needles used for vaccines
1/2 inch, 20 gauge

(Item may vary then what is pictured)

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Extra Syrning Extra Syrning

Extra syringe used for vaccines or to dispense liquids such as medicines or vitamins.

3ml / 3cc

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Pox Dry - Orisept Pox Dry - Orisept

Pox Dry - Orisept
Treats outbreaks of pox lesions in the oral cavity, on eyelids and the beaks of the birds. For best results, apply several times.
10 ml bottle

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KM-1 Salmonella Vaccine KM-1 Salmonella Vaccine

Beginning 5/29/2018 ALL VACCINES will be required to be shipped using an Express Service. Selecting Priority Mail does not guarantee delivery within a reasonable time frame to protect the vaccine even with an ice pack. We will no longer ship vaccines using Priority Mail. If you choose a shipping method other then Express Mail we will contact you to change the shipping method.

Injection used for the prevention of paratyphoid (salmonella). Vaccinate only healthy birds during a period of low stress such as after the molt or prior to breeding season. Avoid vaccinating during breeding season, racing/show, the molt, and pigeons less than 6 weeks of age. It is advised to rest in their loft for 48 hours post vaccination.
Do not vaccinate during periods of extreme heat or cold. Two vaccinations are recommended 3 - 4 weeks apart. Vaccinations should be completed at least 2 -3 weeks prior to racing or the onset of egg production.
Vaccination will not cure a bird that is already sick.
Dosage: .25 ml per bird.
100 doses (with needle and syringe)
Vaccines shipped without a Styrofoam Box & Ice Pack are not guaranteed

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