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Pickstones Pickstones

Indispensable for all pigeons. The birds love them. Contains grit, oyster shells, red stone grit, minerals. These pickstones are larger than most on the market - they weigh almost 2 1/2 lbs. each AND they contain many more nutrients than most other pickstones! We only carry one type but it's the best.

Our Price: $3.20
Pickstone in Pot Pickstone in Pot

The convenience of a pickstone in its own reusable clay pot.

Our Price: $3.50
Carbon Stone Carbon Stone

A Carbon Pickstone consisting of exquisite coral algae, plant coconut, as well as valuable calcium, sodium and phosphorus compounds. In addition to the supply of minerals and trace elements, especially after illness or treatment, the large CarbonBrick guarantees an ideal excrement consistency by binding toxins and liquid. PicoCarbon improves feed utilization substantially.

Our Price: $4.00
Garli Vet Liquid Garli Vet Liquid

Mix on feed or liquid. Regular use reduces the occurrence of bacterial and respiratory infections. Studies on the use of garlic have shown that it has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-parasatci and anti-viral properties.
Use twice per week. 1 ml per lb. of feed or 1 ml per 2 quarts of water.
#VIT0085 100 ml
#VIT0086 1000 ml

Our Price: $7.00
Multi Mineral Multi Mineral

A granular mineral product containing 19 essential minerals and vitamins not usually found in the pigeon's diet.  Used during breeding and racing season in grit bowl.

Our Price: $7.25 Starting At
Saline Powder Saline Powder

A saline based, mineral enriched food supplement indispensable for confined birds. Especially recommended for breeders. Sprinkled on grit, or in a separate gallipot.
1 lb. bottle

Our Price: $8.00
Ideala Pills Ideala Pills

Essential for weaning youngsters to ensure vitality, health and strength during the stressful period. Also recommended for restoring sick and convalescent pigeons.
For youngsters, give 2 pills daily from 14 days old to approximately 40 days old
#VIT0090 / 100 pills
#VIT0095 / 500 pills

Our Price: $8.50
Calcium Gluconate Calcium Gluconate

A water soluble product used to prevent calcium deficiency in hens during breeding and helps in the development of smoother and stronger eggs.
During breeding season: use 1 tablespoon per gallon of water twice a week.
500 ml

Our Price: $8.75
Brewer's Yeast Brewer's Yeast

A natural source of B-Complex vitamins. Mix on feed with Vita King Multi-Oil Base Vitamin.
Recommended use: middle of race week for two days.
Also beneficial during breeding season.
#VIT0020 Approx. 1/2 lb. bottle
#VIT0021 Approx. 1 3/4 lb. bottle

Our Price: $9.00
Tea Tree Lavender Bath Salts Tea Tree Lavender Bath Salts

Formulated specifically for pigeons. Contains herbs, herbal extracts, eucalyptus oil. Conditions the feathers and skin, deters feather lice.

Directions: 1 tsp. per gallon of bath water.

1 lb. (approx. 90 tsp.)

Our Price: $9.95
Aminosol Aminosol

A water soluble liquid consisting of vitamins, amino acids and mineral salts. Recommended to use in periods of stress, dehydration, recuperation after disease, while breeders raise youngsters.
Dosage: 1 ml per gallon of water.
100 MIL

Our Price: $10.00
Magnesium Carbonate Blocks Magnesium Carbonate Blocks

Pigeons love them. Supplies the birds with trace elements. Brings on extremely white wattles. Placed in bowl with grit.
Eight 2 oz. blocks, individually wrapped.

Our Price: $10.25
Picolyt Calcium Drink Picolyt Calcium Drink

Excellent product. Supports the growth of feathers and bones, eggshell development and the molt.
Directions: 1 tablespoon per quart of water.
500 ml

Our Price: $11.00
Multi Oil Vitamin Multi Oil Vitamin

An oil base vitamin used primarily for mixing powders or medications on feed. Consists of cod liver oil, wheat germ oil, lecithin and soybean oil fortified with Vitamins A, D, E palmitate.
8 oz. bottle

Our Price: $11.25
Liquid MultiVitamin with Calcium Liquid MultiVitamin with Calcium

Contains calcium, Vitamins A, C, D, E, B1, B2, B6, B12. Assists in replacing calcium and vitamin deficiencies.
Directions: 1 tsp. per gallon of water. Use 3 times a week during breeding season.
250 ml Makes approx. 50 gal.

Our Price: $11.95
Calci Mineral Calci Mineral

Calcium concentrated powder that also contains minerals, vitamins and trace elements. Necessary during breeding season to ensure strong, smooth eggshell formation in the hens. Also used during the race season.
Sprinkle into grit container.
2 1/2 lbs.

Our Price: $12.00
Fertility Pills Fertility Pills

Help for either hens or males. Separate the pair having difficulties.
Administer 1 pill a day for 10 consecutive days. On 11th day reunite pair.
20 pills

Our Price: $12.00
Granulated Charcoal Granulated Charcoal

Granulated Charcoal is an essential supplement for pigeons in the prevention and control of coccidoiosis, reducing the effects of diarrhea and also reducing the toxins in the gut as well as the odor of droppings. Granulated Charcoal can also help during breeding season to help produce stronger egg shell.
Directions: Mix with grit or offer separatlely in a gallipot
4.5 lbs per bag

Our Price: $12.00
Garlic Juice Garlic Juice

Ready to use in water. Helps purify the blood and stimulates the functions of the whole body. Very important for the breeding and racing season. During breeding, use once a week - 1 oz. per gallon of water.
During racing, use day before shipping - 2 oz. per gallon of water.
Also beneficial after periods of medication - use for 3 - 5 days, 1 oz. per gallon of water.
16 oz.

Our Price: $12.50
Jovati Apple Cider Vinegar Jovati Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar by Jovait the makers of Jovati Mineral Grit.
Prevents the spread of E-Coli & Salmonella and a "Good Gut Bacteria Enhancer"
Usage: 1 tbs 2 x per week for youngsters
Racing birds - 2nd day after arrival
Moulting - 2 x per week
Rest periods - daily for 3 weeks

32 oz bottle

Our Price: $12.50
Formula Powder Formula Powder

A nutritive and energy source which feeds the muscles and helps the racers banish fatigue. The most powerful rebuilder (grape sugar base) for the racers after exertion. Use day of shipping and race day upon return.
Recommended use: 1 tablespoon per gallon of water.
Bottle makes 40 gallons

Our Price: $13.00
Red Racing Mineral Red Racing Mineral

A finely powdered mineral.  A must for the serious flier.  Administer in gallipot or very small grit bowl three weeks before training begins and throughout the old and youngbird racing season.

Our Price: $13.00
Vitamin E Liquid Vitamin E Liquid

Vitamin E regulates carbohydrate metabolism, stimulates antibodies production and reproductive system functions - fertility growth and development of egg cells, and prevents degenerative changes in muscles and the liver.
Dosage: 5 ml (cc) per gallon of water.
300 ml

Our Price: $17.50
Vitamin B Complex Liquid Vitamin B Complex Liquid

Vitamin B stimulates many metabolic processes and bodily systems. Its deficiency results in anemia, poor feed utilization, decreased egg laying rate and higher embryos mortality. Administer during convalescent periods and while administering antibiotics. Effective against plumage disorders (feather discoloration).
Dosage: 20 ml (cc) per gallon of water.
300 ml

Our Price: $17.50
Vita Pro Combo Vita Pro Combo

Concentrated combination of Probiotics (helpful bacteria builder), electrolytes, amino acids and vitamins. Formulated to rebound birds from periods of extreme stress and illness. Acts naturally to strengthen the bird's resistance against infections and illness.
Dosage: 1 teaspoon per gallon of water.
150 gram

Our Price: $18.00
Carbotox Carbotox

A cleansing agent for the digestive tract. Eliminates harmful buildup of molds, toxins, fungus in the intestinal tract. Toxins accumulate from the use of medications and antibiotics.
Dosage: use twice a month, 2 grams mixed on feed.
100 grams

Our Price: $19.50
Ornilevuro Brewer Yeast Ornilevuro Brewer Yeast

From Peeters Products of Belgium. Fine flakes provide the usual mixture of vitamins and concentrations of Vitamin B found in brewer's yeast but also includes special additives developed specifically for conditioning birds.
Mixed on feed using Liquid Racing Vitamins or Amino Acid Liquid.
8 oz.

Our Price: $19.50
Mega Mins Mega Mins

Powdered formulation of 12 basic minerals plus three mineral electrolytes chelated with 22 amino acids to ensure maximum digestion in the birds.
Sprinkle on grit or on feed.
16 oz.

Our Price: $20.00
Betalyte Liquid (Electrolytes) Betalyte Liquid (Electrolytes)

Fast absorbed electrolyte, increases utilization of oxygen and all nutrients in all organs and muscles. Restores electrolyte balance.
Dosage: use 2cc per 1 liter of water.

Our Price: $21.00
Weekly Maintenance Tea Weekly Maintenance Tea

Cleanses the system of toxin poisons and inhibits infectious organisms. Aids in assimilation of carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. A must when birds return from races and need to race repeatedly week after week.
Recommended use for racing: Start two weeks prior to first race, use 7 days in a row. Then continue use on day of return from race.
1 bottle makes 20 gallons
This tea is a fine powder. Designed specifically for pigeons. Simple to prepare and leaves no residue in the water. To prepare, use a microwave: boil water in a plastic bottle we provide, mix in level tablespoon of tea and shake, place lid on bottle and let set for 10 minutes. Then pour this concentrate into drinker and fill with additional water to make 1 gallon.

Our Price: $22.00