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Adeno-Zap Adeno-Zap

A natural blend designed to quicken the recovery from Adeno Virus and to eliminate the side affects, such as poor food digestion, vomiting feed, and loose fowl droppings.
Directions:1 tsp per gallon of water
Keep Refrigerated
8 oz - A Break Thru Products dist. by Vita King

Our Price: $30.00
Adeno Plus Adeno Plus

All natural remedy used for the prevention and treatment of adenovirus. Developed by a pharmacologist, clinically tested. Ingredients: prebiotics, probiotics, apple cider vinegar, bee propolis, cranberry, echinacea, elderberry, essential amino acids.

Directions: Apply 1 teaspoon to 1 pound of premoistened feed or mix in 1 gallon of water. For youngsters use daily during weaning period. Once weaned use daily for at least 6 weeks.

#ANT0001 - 3 oz. treats 45 gallons
#ANT0002 - 6 oz. treats 90 gallons

Our Price: $33.00
All in One  Mix by Dr. Peeters All in One Mix by Dr. Peeters

A wide spectrum antibiotic created by Dr. Norbert Peeters of Belgium effective against
Canker - Adeno - E Coli - Respiratory & Intestinal Diseases.

As a preventative - 4 level scoops per gallon of water for 2-3 days
As a treatment - 4 level scoops per gallon for 5 - 7 days
(Or 1 tablespoon per gallon)

Contains: Amoxicillin, Neomicine, Ronidazole, Thiamine

Our Price: $68.00