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Pest Strip Pest Strip

Long lasting protection against insects in the loft. Effective up to four months. One strip per every 1000 cu feet. No harm to humans or the birds.

Our Price: $10.25
Tobacco Stalks Tobacco Stalks

The Natural Short Tobacco Stalks are a particularly suitable nesting material, pigeons like to use to build their nest.

The nesting plays an important part in the relationship between the male and the female on the one hand and in the attachment of a couple to their nest on the other hand. It is evident that suitable nesting material enhances the breeding results. Moreover the Natural Tobacco Stalks are a natural and efficient means to protect the breeding pairs and their youngsters against external parasites (red mite, feather mite and ticks). All this has a favorable effect on the breeding results.

The Natural Tobacco Stalks are a natural product that is easy to use. Just make the Natural Tobacco Stalks readily available to the pigeons when they are building their nest.

Natural Tobacco Stalks are also ideally suited as floorcovering in baskets.


Make the Natural Short Tobacco Stalks readily available to the pigeons when they are building their nest.

Our Price: $12.00
Spot On by Klaus Spot On by Klaus

From the makers of Klaus, Spot On is a long lasting treatment in the aid of mites, lice, etc, lasting up to 4 weeks

Directions: Divide the plumage in the neck area to reveal the skin and apply 1-2 drops and do the same at the root of the tail. Regular application is recommended every 4 weeks for continued protection. Do Not Use On Pigeons Less Then 5 Weeks Of Age

10ml bottle with dropper

Our Price: $14.95
Herbal Bug Spray Herbal Bug Spray

Spray on birds to kill lice. Also conditions feathers and skin. Contains essential oils and extracts.
16 oz. liquid

Our Price: $18.95