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Röhnfried Avibac Stablizer

Röhnfried Avibac Stablizer

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Avibac Stabilizer is a product that builds a stable and useful climate in the loft, creating a healthy microflora. It is applied to all surfaces, it is a biological product, efficient to use and long-lasting, which makes other forms of disinfection unnecessary. Cleaning with this preparation is recommended for thorough cleaning of the loft from more serious dirt before the breeding and racing season or before weaning the young, and during diseases and infections.
Dilute the required amount of preparation: 1 part Avibac Stabilizer and 2 parts warm water. Shake the product before use. Gently spray the loft surface with the prepared solution.

Caution!!! After dilution, the product is usable for no longer than 5 days.
1000 ml


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