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Röhnfried Immunobooster

Röhnfried Immunobooster

Product Code: ROH0002
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Immunbooster stimulates the attention and reaction time of the immune system and thus the health of the pigeons from the inside. For the first time, we use functional trace elements such as copper and zinc in the Immunbooster, which are extremely suitable for the pigeons and round off the recipe of this innovation with a mycotoxin binder (Aflatoxin B1). As in the Jungtierpulver, the immunbooster contains prebiotic components, alliin, and colostrum to support the pigeons in stress phases.
10g per 20 pigeons per day over the food
Before stress phases such as exhibitions or the training start: 3-5 days
Before the flight: 3 days
Breeding: 2 times a week
Moulting: 2 times a week
Young flights: 4 times a week
Young bird sickness: daily
Before vaccinations: 7 days before vaccination
1 heaped measuring spoon are 10 g.


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