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Annual Breeders Book Annual Breeders Book

New to Vita King!!
The Annual Breeders Book. Keep track of stock birds, breedings, youngsters, race records, one loft racing, etc.
This is a must have for serious breeders. Easy record keeping all in one booklet.
Book size is 5.5" x 8.5" Adequate for writing without running out of space.

Our Price: $6.50
Livervet Livervet

A herbal nutrient used in birds after liver issues, periods of medications, or to cure poisonings. Acts to regenerate and protect the liver tissue, help produce bile and restore balance of liber metabolic conversions
100 ml

Our Price: $16.00
Sale Price: $12.00
Savings: $4.00
Tape Worm Capsules Tape Worm Capsules

Tape Worm Capsules are used for the individual treatment of Tape Worms in pigeons.

Dosage: 1 capsule per bird for 2 days
50 capsules

Our Price: $30.00
Sale Price: $22.00
Savings: $8.00
Röhnfried - Vitalo Top Röhnfried - Vitalo Top

Röhnfried VitaloTop is an optimised plant extract mixture (10%) used as a targeted supplement to the diet of pigeons. Pigeons cannot taste hot and spicy flavours, so we make use of this in VitaloTop, for example to promote digestive enzymes or establish the natural balance of the intestinal flora. VitaloTop is therefore ideally suited for immunodepressive stress phases, for example to provide support during and after YPDS.

5 ml in 1 litre drinking water for 2-3 times per week.

Shake well before use!

Note: The product contains chilli. Avoid contact with the eyes and other mucous membranes. Keep the product away from children. Due to the higher content of vitamin A to complete feed, this supplementary feed may be fed up to a maximum of 5 % of the total ration per day.

Our Price: $32.00
Sale Price: $26.00
Savings: $6.00
Röhnfried Avibac Stablizer Röhnfried Avibac Stablizer

Avibac Stabilizer is a product that builds a stable and useful climate in the loft, creating a healthy microflora. It is applied to all surfaces, it is a biological product, efficient to use and long-lasting, which makes other forms of disinfection unnecessary. Cleaning with this preparation is recommended for thorough cleaning of the loft from more serious dirt before the breeding and racing season or before weaning the young, and during diseases and infections.
Dilute the required amount of preparation: 1 part Avibac Stabilizer and 2 parts warm water. Shake the product before use. Gently spray the loft surface with the prepared solution.

Caution!!! After dilution, the product is usable for no longer than 5 days.
1000 ml

Our Price: $34.50
Sale Price: $28.50
Savings: $6.00