Nest Fronts  
 Plastic Nest Fronts    OUT OF STOCK  
nest front   Sturdy plastic nestfronts.  Set of 2 as       #FRONT01
  pictured to the left.  One with a door that          $6.75
  slides up and snaps into place to stay open.


  The nestfronts are secured into the nestbox
  by drilling holes for the plastic pegs where
  the two nestfronts meet in the middle.  Both      Ship wt. 1 lbs.
  fronts can swing open on the sides for  
Dimensions are pictured to the right.
Height:  12 3/4"
Width:  25 1/2" to 29 1/2"
Installation is very easy:
1. drill holes for 4 pegs that are in the middle where
    the two nest fronts meet.  
2. Cut off two top pegs on the outer side of fronts.
3. Cut 2 bottom pegs to half their height and drill
    holes to set them into.  Use these shortened  
    pegs to lift up the front up and down so the
    doors swing open.
    (Or the latches on the side of each front can be
    used to lock doors by cutting a slit into wall of