Floor Grates  
 Heavy Duty Floor Grates  
  Time to make your life a little easier.  These heavy       #FLOOR01
  duty floor grates reduce the need to clean every          $4.20
  day.  Very strong durable plastic construction. 


  Strong enough for anyone to walk on.
  Each grate locks into each other using a system of
  pegs and openings built into each grate.  Size of each      Ship wt. 1 lbs.
  opening in the grate is approximatley 1 inch - easy  
  for the birds to walk on.  They can be cut to fit any  
  floor layout.   Easy to clean, brush or hose off.        
    Each grate measures 10"W x 10"L x 3"H  
Pictured to right:
  A section of 4 floor grates attached to
  each other - would cover a 20" x 20"
  area.  Cost would be $16.80.